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Agents and Advisors are busier than ever, so your marketing messages have to be delivered to the right people, at the right time and in the right format.  Studies show that Producers are spending more time online these days, as well as utilizing mobile devices to receive industry related email communications critical to their success. Industry trends report that email is the cornerstone of any successful multi-channel marketing campaign. 

Our turn-key "Email Marketing Blitz Platform" has revolutionized the way Insurance Carriers, Brokerage Firms, Wholesalers, IMOs, FMOs, BGAs, MGAs, MGUs, GAs, Program Administrators and Vendors target, contract and recruit Licensed Life, Accident and Health Insurance Agents, FINRA Registered Securities Representatives and Property and Casualty Insurance Agents on a local, statewide and national basis.
ARN specializes in delivering relevant messages using the internet and email. As an experienced email service provider, ARN has the right combination of technology and service to ensure that your email campaigns are executed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. ARN utilizes the most advanced tools available to make sure your ads are delivered, opened and generate responses, while protecting and maintaining your reputation as a responsible marketer.

Our email campaigns allow you to target producers directly on a local, statewide and national basis generating quality leads.  Our email marketing data is compiled from many different industry resources, cleansed, validated, managed and refined on a daily basis to allow you to have access to as many licensed professionals as possible in the United States.

Our email marketing database consists of:

·     424,383 Life, Accident and Health Insurance Agents
·     168,701 FINRA Registered Securities Representatives 
·     142,479 Property and Casualty Insurance Agents

National Email Marketing Pricing

All Programs Include:

·  Two HTML Email Ad Designs
·  One Full Company Description in ARN's Agent Sourcing Directory Online
·  Six Product Listings in ARN's Agent Sourcing Directory Online

·  We will send out 8 ads hitting 50,000 L&H agents each time to hit the database one time.
·  We will send out 8 ads hitting 21,000 Reg. Reps each time to hit the database one time.
·  We will send out 8 ads hitting 23,000 P&C agents each time to hit the database one time.  

Click here to review our State by State email counts.

Click here to review sample email ads.

Complete Email Ad Design Services Available: $250 per ad.

Turn-Key Process:

1.) Strategy Meeting: To learn more about the type of producers you are interested in targeting. To learn about your company, your products, your services and value proposition. To review the advertisements you have previously used.

2.) Email Ad Creation and Design: We will use your existing ads or we can create a custom ad based on our Strategy Meeting. You have complete control and final approval of all email ads.

3.)  Set-Up: We will set-up your campaign quickly.  All ads are tested using unique software to see if they are likely to be picked up as spam prior to the campaign start-up. Recommendations and adjustments will be made.

4.) Scheduling: All programs normally begin within two weeks or less. Emails will be scheduled according to your availability and time-frame, not ours. You are the customer and have complete control over your schedule. 

5.)  Start-Up: We will send out your emails on your scheduled days using the latest technologies to increase the delivered and opened emails.

6.) Lead Delivery: We provide prospects with informational emails that typically include several ways for prospects to respond. We do not have any internal restrictions, however most agents prefer to respond by telephone, email, website visits and more. 

7.) Opt-Outs: We always include an easy, automated opt-out mechanism within every email ad and also include our mailing address. Once opted-out they will never receive any message ever again.

We will work with your existing ads or create full page four-color HTML ads designed just for you. We always schedule your ads to go out according to your schedule...not ours!  We will deliver your ads through a series of blasts so you can effectively handle the leads and generate the best ROI possible.  Our programs combine the efficiency of email marketing, the power of our proprietary database of Licensed Professionals and industry experience to generate leads for our clients. The end result is more effective email marketing programs.  


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