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Our turn-key "Telemarketing Blitz and Live Transfer Call Center Platform" has revolutionized the way Insurance Carriers, Brokerage Firms, Wholesalers, IMOs, FMOs, BGAs, MGAs, MGUs, GAs, Program Administrators and Vendors target, contract and recruit Licensed Life, Accident and Health Insurance Agents, FINRA Registered Securities Representatives and Property and Casualty Insurance Agents on a local, statewide and national basis.

Our programs combine the efficiency of telemarketing, the power of our proprietary database of Licensed Professionals and industry experience to generate real-time leads for our clients. Our large network capacity allows us to offer you reliable, customized, high speed and affordable solutions that work.

Our telemarketing data is compiled from many different industry resources, cleansed, validated, managed and refined on a daily basis to ensure that you have access to every licensed professional in the United States. The end result is more effective telemarketing programs.

Our telemarketing database consists of:

·     965,296 Life, Accident and Health Insurance Agents
·     443,952 FINRA Registered Securities Representatives 
·     396,194 Property and Casualty Insurance Agents

Telemarketing Pricing

All Programs Include: 

-  Script Creation and Program Development.
-  Customized and Targeted Call Lists.
-  Live Transfer Feature.
-  Set Up Fees and Telemarketing Costs.
-  Full Call Reporting.
-  Changes to Script and Database as needed.

Click here to review our State by State telemarketing counts.

Do you have your own producer telephone database you would like called? 
The cost is only .35 cents per phone number sent to us via an Excel Spreadsheet. We will call every phone number on your list up to four times to get them to hear your live pitch one time. There is a minimum purchase of 10,000 records. 

Turn-Key Process:

Strategy Meeting: To learn more about the type of producers you are interested in targeting and where. To learn about your company, your products, your services and value proposition. 

2.) Script Creation and Database Development: We will create a custom-tailored, results-driven script and targeted database based on our Strategy Meeting. You have complete control and final approval of all scripts.

3.) Recording: Once the script is approved, you will record your voice message. We also offer a professional voice-over recording option for an additional $90

4.) Scheduling: All programs will begin within two weeks or less. Calls are only scheduled according to your availability and time-frame, not ours. 

5.) Set-Up and Control: We will set-up your campaign quickly. We will determine and control how many outbound calls are made based on your needs and infrastructure. This can be altered based on your feedback throughout the campaign.

6.) Start-Up: We contact prospects on your scheduled call days using the latest technologies without using any high pressure sales tactics. We provide prospects with "purely informational calls" that do not attempt to interest them with the sale of any goods or services. Prospects who pick up and answer the phone will hear your message.

7.) Lead Delivery: Interested prospects will be transferred immediately to you when they hit "1" on their phone. They also have the option to call you back at their convenience. We will only transfer one lead per available recruiter at a time. Outbound calls will stop when your transfer lines are busy with a lead. Calls will begin again as soon as you hang up with a prospect. Our live transfer feature eliminates phone tag and ensures that you spend your time speaking with real leads.

8.) Opt-Out Options: We always let prospects know how to opt-out of all future calls and include an easy, automated opt-out mechanism. These individuals will never be called for any campaign ever again.

For More Information:
Call Our Sales Department: 877-226-0381 (ext 201)